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Hiding away.

I wish I could just DISAPPEAR!

Myrtle Munddylow
3 February
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Name: Myrtle Munddylow. I hate my name!

Personality: I have no friends. All everyone does is make fun of me. I can't stand it here. I could be nice and pleasent--if they would give me a chance! I could be everyone's best friend if they didn't make fun of me behind my back all the time. That's all anyone does. They're always laughing at me. I don't think it's very funny, at all!

But I love to sit outside under the tree by the side of the lake and I love to water my plants. I talk to my plants all the time. No one else will talk to me! I might as well! What would you do if you were all alone?!

Bloodline: Half and half. My mother was a witch and my father was a Muggle. And then he left her behind when he found out! I hate being a halfbreed. Everyone makes fun of you. But everyone would make fun of me anyway.

House and Year: Hufflepuff. My mother was in Hufflepuff too. And I'm a second year.

Activities: I tried to join the Herbology Club, but the president, Dorcas Dulittle, just laughed in my face. Mostly I spend my time outside or in the greenhouse.

Or crying in the girl's toilet.

This Journal is used for the purpose of RPGing. Myrtle is played by Niff.
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